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Tori Amos(トーリ・エイモス)、12月4日にクリスマスEP『Christmastide』をリリース!!

アメリカのシンガーソングライター、Tori Amosトーリ・エイモス)が、12月4日にクリスマスEP『Christmastide』をリリースしました!




『Christmastide』 発売日:2020年12月4日

1. Christmastide
2. Circle of Seasons
3. Holly
4. Better Angels


Tori Amos - Christmastide Announcement

Hey everyone,
I am really excited to let you guys know that I am releasing a special Vinyl EP of 4 new songs on Dec 4th called Christmastide.
With the new songs it was so important to be positive and to try and help lift people’s spirits. This time of year should be full of thoughts of joyful reunions with family and friends but it can also sadly be a very lonely place for some.
Many families will be unable to be together this year because of the Pandemic as well as many that are also dealing with the divisiveness and aftermath of a long and bitter US Election. I hope these songs, contained in a beautiful gatefold package, illustrated by my dear friend Rantz Hosely, can be a small treat to help along the way.
On the record I got to play again with the amazing Matt Chamberlain and Jon Evans which was so special, even though we had to record remotely.
I have also signed a number of the vinyl and they are available now via pre order!
Sending lots of hugs,
- t

多くの家族は、パンデミックだけでなく、長く苦い米国の選挙の分裂と余波に対処している多くの人々のために、今年一緒にいることができないでしょう。私は私の親愛なる友人Rantz Hoselyによって描かれた美しいゲートフォールドパッケージに含まれているこれらの曲が道に沿って助けるために小さな御馳走になることを願っています。
- t


1. Christmastide

2. Circle of Seasons

3. Holly

4. Better Angels




 ↓↓↓ Tori Amosの最新アルバムは『Native Invader』(2017年)↓↓↓


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